As you peruse our website, there will be questions popping into your mind about us and our site.  Hopefully you'll find most of the answers as you continue to browse.

For those you don't have answers to just take a look at these commonly asked questions ... if you still can't see that answer, why not not drop us a line using the "Email eShop" button at the top.

Q: Digital  Download Store ... What does that mean?

A: it means that everything you see on the eShop website is available for immediate download (unless we tell you different). So when you see something you want, go through the check out procedure and when you've paid for it, you'll be given a link - just click on the link and the item you've bought will start to download directly onto your PC.

Q: What's an eBook?

A: an eBook is like a normal book, but its in electronic format.  So its stored on your PC or other similar device and when you want to view it you do so with your PC (or similar device).  If you need to see physical paper (or "hardcopy"), just print off the pages you need using your printer.

Q: What's a PDF?

A: PDF is an industry standard file format for electronic documents - you can obtain document viewers for this type of file for free on the internet - there are other electronic document formats available, including .doc, .mob - offer an excellent and free PDF Viewer - many others are available.

Q: I want to buy something don't have a PayPal account?

A: That's absolutely fine. Going through the check-out process with PayPal is simple - PayPal will ask if you have an account with them if you do, you just put your details in and follow the prompts; if you don't have a PayPal Account, just choose another way to pay (e.g. Credit Card, Debit Card, etc...) and follow the prompts - It really is very straight forward ... and very secure!

Q: I have a Digital Product that I would like to sell through this site?

A: That's Great News.  We're always on the look out for new products.  Drop us a line through the "Email eShop" button at the top of page with information about your product.  After a successful evaluation of your product and agreeing terms, we would market your product on our site.

Q: Can I advertise my services/business on your site?

A: The eShop isn't really the place for that, but the Forum is! Just click on the link above and register yourself (or your business) don't forget to detail your areas of expertise.